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Browse the store, see the articles and choose what to buy. Articles are organized by topic.

. Incense and Censers

. Cozy and Floor Blankets

. Pillows for meditation.

. Jewels (Jewelry made with simple materials).

By entering the subject you want to find, for each article a photo, summary information about the article, price the availability of the product, and information on delivery times.

You can thus get a general idea of ​​the articles that are at your disposal, within the topic you have chosen.

Article File:

We take care that the information presented is free of errors and whenever they occur we proceed as soon as possible to correct it.

We suggest the detailed consultation of the article for information about all its specifics, such as:

. Detailed description of the article – Features, functionality, composition, dimensions. Origin and form of manufacture.

. Origin/History – Aspects related to the article and its manufacture that we find interesting to share with you.

. Price – Price in Euros of the article (VAT included at the current legal rate of 23%).

. Weight – In grams.

. Quantity Status –

  • Green – With good quantity

  • Yellow – With Little quantity;

  • Red – Punctually unavailable;

Only items with stock can be added to cart.

. Delivery times – The delivery dates mentioned in each article are applicable from the date of payment of your order. For more information, see "Shipping".

In case the information presented does not correspond to the characteristics of the article, the Client assists the right to terminate the purchase and sale agreement in the applicable legal terms. (All details on "Return Policy" in the footer of the store's homepage).

Keep in mind, however, that some products are handcrafted and there may be slight differences between the image and the product itself, due to the raw materials themselves and the production process. However the images of the products available on the site are as reliable as possible.


  • Purchase

It is not necessary to have an account created to add an item to your shopping cart.

Just select the "Add to Cart" button that is located in the tab of each article. You can do this on all the items you want to buy. The "Cart" is adding the articles selected by you. When you have finished your selection of items click the shopping cart icon and verify your order. You can also add the quantities you want in each article.

If you make changes, click "Refresh" before continuing the process of completing your order.

  • Edit shopping cart

– Click the "shopping cart" icon

This is how you edit your order.

You can change the quantities per item. If you do, be sure to select "refresh"

You can also delete selected articles. To do this click the "Crate" icon or put the item to zero units. If you do, be sure to select "refresh"

To continue your purchase you can select the "Continue shopping" button.

If you want to place more items in your cart, continue shopping normally and the cart will add the purchases without canceling the first selected articles.

When you have finished choosing the items you want to buy, click on pay and you will automatically be asked for the necessary steps until your purchase is finalized and paid for.

In international shipments (excluding Mainland Spain) in orders weighing more than 1,8 kg, the process of calculating shipping costs is not automatic, you will have to wait for an email from our Customer Service in order to pay for your purchase. In this email you will be sent the total value of the purchase, discriminating the value of the articles and the value of the shipment, with the payment options at your disposal and delivery time.

It is the responsibility of the customer to check the import constraints stipulated by the country where he lives and to which the order will be sent.


Fill in the required data:

The data you are asked for refers to the data that will appear on your invoice. If you want to invoice with your tax number you will have to fill in the field "Tax identification number", since this is not a required field. If you do not do this you will receive an invoice with the generic tax number (assigned to the unidentified taxpayer). All fields with (*) are required.

The fields of optional filling (telephone, mobile phone and email) are requested to facilitate communication with you, namely receiving sms's that allow you to follow the order until you receive it, have knowledge of our promotional campaigns and newsletter, clarification).

Shipping address

This is the address where you want your order shipped. This address may or may not be the same as the address for the invoice. You can for example want to receive your order at the address of your work and the invoice is the address of your residence. In any case, the shipping address is mandatory.

If you have chosen to register as a customer all this information will be stored in your account.

4 – PAY

Orders are only considered valid after payment.

The deadline for payment of your order depends on how you choose to pay, as this processing is automatic and does not depend on our willingness. Like this:

If you choose to pay through PayPal – payment must be made within 60 minutes of ordering. Otherwise the order will be automatically considered null.

If you choose to pay through Hipay – payment must be made within 24 hours of ordering. Otherwise the order will be automatically considered null.

. Paypal - In case the customer chooses to pay by credit card/PayPal, filling in all payment information is done directly on a secure page of the electronic payment service provider (PayPal). MyCozyLand is not responsible for any delays or non-delivery of orders caused by checks and authorizations of the issuing entities.

. Hipay – In case the customer opts for payment through Hipay (Visa, Mastercard, Multibanco Reference, Payshop), You will receive an email from Hipay asking for the payment of the order, which sends you directly to a secure page of the electronic payment service provider (Hipay). MyCozyLand is not responsible for any delays or non-delivery of orders caused by checks and authorizations of the issuing entities.

Secure Online Shopping

Both Paypal and Hipay use the 3D Secure service.

The 3-D Secure protocol gives higher levels of security to consumers who shop online, since it ensures at the time of payment that the payment agent is effectively the legitimate holder of the card that is being used to purchase online. So all consumers online are more protected, preventing others from using their cards fraudulently.

 . Multibanco e Payshop –

This service is only available to customers residing in Portugal.

In situations of Cancellation or Returns, the Refund is made through Bank Transfer to your account. You will be asked to do so, and only when a refund is involved, will your IBAN.

. Payshop – If you choose to pay the payshop, Hipay will send you an email asking for payment and as a payment method you can choose Payshop.

In this case Hipay will send a second email with the codes payshop so that you can pay your order at any Payshop point.

Regardless of the type of payment you choose, the invoice will always follow the order.


MyCozyLand orders are delivered through CTT Expresso and CTT.
Once the order is processed, and the moment you receive an email from our Customer Service informing the shipment, you will be provided with the tracking number for your order. Then go to or (depending on the shipping choice you made) and, in "following order", write your tracking number.
You can then follow all the steps of the order you have made.
In some types of shipping, delivery is made at the address (shipping address).


If you need to, you can make changes to your order even after payment and provided it has not yet been shipped. You can change billing and shipping address.

To make changes, please contact us by calling +351 930 605 990 or +351 214 012 053.

To cancel your order:

You can cancel your order if it has not yet been shipped. To do so, you must send us an email to express your decision to cancel the order.

At the email you will need to provide us with the order number.

Email to cancel order:

In Cancellation situations, the Refund is guaranteed and made in accordance with the way you paid for your order.

– All refunds are automatic, with the exception of payments by bank and payshop reference. In these cases the payment is made by us through a bank transfer to your account.

(see full details of this cancellation process at the footer of our store's homepage under "Return Policy").

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