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Personalize Your Space

Our purpose is to contribute to the construction of the largest possible number of welcoming places and in this way we participate in the construction of a more transparent, joyful and serene planet. Welcome to MyCozyLand.


Choose a space in your home, on your boat, in your motorhome and build your MyCozyLand. A place of yours, to be with you, to have your face, your wave and transport you to a better world.


In 2016 we started offering products related to meditation and decoration, two of our passions. But, from that time until today, the desire to share more has grown.


Now it no longer makes sense to share just one or the other passion.

Now is the time to share “Our passions”.


It is time to share what brings Soul to us, what makes us smile without reason, what makes us forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

These are the things we put our enthusiasm and energy into; to which we dedicate hours; and in which we get lost so that we can find ourselves happier and more fulfilled!


The choice of articles came naturally. We just need to list those themes that accompany us throughout life to realize that they are what we have always loved.

Photography, knits, threads, decoration and last but not least: meditation!


It is our wish that each person who enters MyCozyLand can feel infected by our enthusiasm in this sharing and that we can be an inspiration to all.

Thank you for being here reading what we write with such emotion!

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