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Tibetan Incense Hill Top

Tibetan Incense Hill Top

SKU: 03-063

Produced according to Ayurveda formulas, this incense is made from the best and purest plants harvested in Himalayas and Nepal. Of the various herbs stands out the Astasugandha, oil of Jattamasi, and Gokul.

This incense is excellent for meditation, mental concentration and purification of the environment.


  • Each package contains approximately 35 rods;
  • Each rod last for +/- 20 minutes;
  • 100% Pure, no additives or chemical ingredients, non toxic;
  • Hand made in Nepal.
  • Origin

    Natural herbs and spices are mixed, pressed together, and molded into Tibetan-style rods.

    These incense sticks are carefully packed in a tube of cellophane paper.

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