Rope of Tibetan Incense Juniper Berry

Rope of Tibetan Incense Juniper Berry

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This is a traditional incense made from many precious herbs harvested in the Himalayas, of which juniper, saffron, white sandalwood and red sandalwood stand out.

It is believed to attract superior energies and is therefore widely used in Hindu and Buddhist temples.

Used for meditation to facilitate concentration during meditation. The aroma is strong but extremely pleasant.


  • Each package contains approximately 30 ropes and 1 burner;
  • Each rope last for +/- 30 minutes;
  • 100% Pure, no additives or chemical ingredients, non toxic;
  • Hand made in Nepal.
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    The incense powder is rolled into paper sheets, which are then rolled into ropes, twisted tightly, then doubled over and twisted again, yielding a two-strand rope. The larger end is the bight, and may be stood vertically, in a shallow dish of sand or pebbles. The smaller (pointed) end is the lit. 

    This type of incense is highly transportable and stays fresh for extremely long periods. It has been used for centuries in Tibet and Nepal.