Incense Cones Tara Wish Fulfilling

Incense Cones Tara Wish Fulfilling

SKU: 03-068

Its composition is based on the sacred Buddhist Tantric text of Judey.

It is a blend of Rinchen Nge Nga (five precious gemstones), Balu, Sulu, Pangpoi, Duruka, Pekar, Gabur, Agar, Juniper, Red and White Sandalwood along with 48 other types of medicinal herbal ingredients.

It creates an atmosphere of protection, prosperity and happiness.


  • Each package contains approximately 24 cones;
  • Each cone last for +/- 30 minutes;
  • 100% Pure, no additives or chemical ingredients, non toxic;
  • Hand made in Nepal.
  • Origin

    Natural herbs and spices are mixed together and pressured, then molded in to little cones.

    These incense cones are carefully packed in a rigid box of paper.