Himalayan Incense Zimpo

Himalayan Incense Zimpo

SKU: 03-080

High quality Tibetan incense. Prepared by hand, in a mixture of 25 herbs according to the texts of Tibetan medicine and under the guidance of Dr. Pasang.

This incense is indicated for cleaning of negative energies and purification of spaces. Used in meditation and, according to Tibet beliefs, it promotes physical well-being and longevity.


  • Each package contains approximately 40 rods;
  • Each rod last for +/- 20 minutes;
  • 100% Pure, no additives or chemical ingredients, non toxic;
  • Hand made in Nepal.
  • Origin

    Most of the herbs that make up this incense grow outdoors and naturally in the Himalayas. They are carefully harvested in order to preserve their natural environment.

    Later they are dried in the shade so that all its qualities and aroma remain unchanged. Presented in a simple decorated paper packaging.