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      A Create an Account


Step 1: In order to create an account you will need to register. This registration is done only once. To do this simply follow the registration steps when making a purchase, or by clicking on the customer symbol in the upper right corner of the homepage.


Step 2: Fill in the form with your email and password. Fields marked with a * are required. The email must be valid and active so that we can communicate with you. The password is chosen by you, to your liking. Note that you must choose a word that is at least 5 characters long and contains both letters and numbers without spaces.


Step 3: Preferences and Newsletter.

By selecting your preferences we can get to know your tastes better and send your news, product campaigns, promotional campaigns and offers to your e-mail

According to your tastes. If you want to receive our news and information you must select the "Subscribe Newsletter" checkbox.

If you want to unsubscribe from this service click on the option to unsubscribe from any email in the newsletter, or send an email requesting the cancellation to In this case you will not receive any information about campaigns, promotions, and offers that we will develop.

If you want more clarifications you can call us +351 930 605 990 or +351 214 012 053.


Your registration on implies acceptance of the general conditions. It also implies that you have taken note of all our legal notices. guarantees the confidentiality of all data provided by its customers either in the register or in the buying process. The collection and consequent processing of data is carried out safely, which prevents its manipulation and / or loss. All data is entered on a secure server (128-bit SSL) that encrypts (transforms into code).

The data collected in this online store is intended for the processing of orders, invoicing, possible complaints or returns, as well as their use for the purposes of direct marketing.

 And communication with customers.

Please note, however, that although we can guarantee the confidentiality of all data provided to us by our customers, it is the responsibility of each customer to access them in open networks, since the circulation of personal data is done without conditions of Safety, thus running the risk of being used by unauthorized persons.


4th and last step: Click on "Create account".


MyCozyLand is registered with the National Data Protection Commission.



      B "My Account" Features


Change personal data - If you want to change your personal data, simply enter "My Account" and proceed to change and / or update your data and email, whenever you understand and at any time.

I lost or forgot my password - If you want to recover your password, simply click on the "Forgot your password?" Button on the login page.


      C Delete Account


To delete your client account please contact us. You must provide us with the e-mail that you have registered and the personal data that you want to be deleted from our databases.

This process is irreversible. Deleting your account loses all order history as well as personal data.



All customers have the right to access, rectify and cancel their data. If you wish, at any time to stop being part of our database you can exercise this right through:


Phone: +351 930 605 990 or +351 214 012 053


Letter: Rua Dr. António Granjo, Nº25 - 3º Direito; 1495-011 Algés